2017 Turkey options

Mary's Non-GMO Turkey - $2.79/lb

Mary's Free-Range turkeys are raised on healthful grains and allowed to roam in areas four times the size of areas provided by the average commercial turkey ranch. Their high-protein diet provides the optimal amount of nutrients for the turkey to grow into bigger and more flavorful turkeys than those typically found at the supermarket. 
No Preservatives
• Fed a Vegetarian Diet
• Fed No Animal By-Products
• Fed No Antibiotics Ever
• Gluten Free
• Raised Without Added Hormones  


Mary’s Certified Organic Free-Range Turkey - $3.99/lb

Mary's Certified Organic Free-Range turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices. These Turkeys have freedom to move about and receive a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators. Certified organic feeds must be certified by the USDA, and everything that goes into them must be certified as well. Mary's Organic Turkey feed contains: 
    •   NO Antibiotics Ever
    •   Non-GMO Corn and Soybean Meal
    •   NO Animal By-Products
    •   NO Pesticide Treated Grains
    •   NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers  
    •   NO Synthetic Amino Acids    


Mary's Heritage Turkey - $5.99/lb

With the first juicy, satisfying bite of a Mary's Free-Range Turkey, you'll know that this bird is something special–natural, plump, and tasty–that’s a Mary’s Free-Range Turkey! The Pitman family has raised turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday since 1954. 

Today, with more and more companies introducing "free-range" products, we want every consumer to experience the difference Mary's offers. To do that, we've focused on quality, not quantity. Mary's perfect Free-Range birds begin life on a farm in the Central Valley. At our farm, roam means lots of room. 

Every bird grows naturally with plenty of open space to grow healthfully in a caring environment. The Pitman family has built its reputation by growing fewer but superior Free-Range turkeys year after year.

A key reason Mary's Free-Range Turkeys offer superior taste is the high protein diet complete with the finest grains and vegetable proteins that provide just the right amount of nutrients for our turkeys to grow bigger and develop better than birds you'll find at the supermarket. 

And you won't find antibiotics, animal by-products, hormones, preservatives, or additives in a Mary's Free-Range Turkey. Instead, when you purchase a fresh, home-grown Mary's Free-Range Turkey, prepare yourself for a dining experience that you and your family will remember forever.


Mary's Ducks - $3.49/lb

Mary’s Free-Range Geese and Ducks are beautiful animals to raise. The Embden Breed of Geese and the Pekin Duck are raised naturally in the beautiful weather in California. They live year round with access to outdoors. We watch them everyday to make sure they are comfortable and happy. We make every effort to treat our ducks and geese as humanely as possible throughout the production process. Mary’s “Prepared Specialties” presents Mary’s own succulent duck breasts, hot-smoked with natural hickory woodchips.  Fully cooked with skin-on, Mary’s smoked duck breast is ready to be served warm or cool. 

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Raised Without Added Hormones*
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • *Federal Regulations Prohibit The Use Of Hormones In Duck
  • Fed a Vegetarian Diet (65% Corn, 25% Soybean Meal, 5% Vitamins and Nutrients, 5% Wheat)

To Order

You can place your order at the meat counter in our North End or Village stores, or call us today. There's a limited supply, so don't wait!

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