Vert Reuse Card Program!

How many times have you planned on going to the grocery store, determined to bring your own reusable bags, only to arrive at the store without them? 

After experiencing this problem for myself, and learning more about the massive environmental impact of disposable plastic and paper, I was interested in finding out why more people didn’t use their own reusable bags. 

After talking with nearly 50 grocery shoppers and 20 industry experts, I’ve learned that there are a lot of underlying reasons behind this seemingly simple action. However, just as we are seeing with hundreds of cities (and soon to be states) banning plastic bags, one thing is for sure; reusable bags are the most sustainable option. 

To get more people to use reusable shopping bags I’ve developed a program called Vert, that is designed to get at the heart of the problem – forgetfulness. 

The program (open to all Co-op Co-owners) will start on May 6th and will work like this:
1)    Vert Bag Tags will be available to purchase for $2.99 near the checkout registers.

  • The tag can be attached to any reusable bag, or any other bag that can be reused to store groceries

2)    Every time you shop at the Co-op between May 6th and July 15th bring your bag with attached tag.

  • Gently remind the cashier to scan your tag at checkout

3)    Each scan you receive will be an entry into a raffle for several $25 Co-op gift cards.

  • Winners will be announced by July 22nd  

If you have any additional questions about this program, please contact [email protected]