Hot Coffee, Happy Trails

We’re Partnering with Café Mulé to Benefit Ridge to Rivers

Photo courtesy of Cafe Mule

Photo courtesy of Cafe Mule

Café Mulé is well known for the iconic Richard the Mule, sometimes seen ambling through the foothills to bring trail users coffee on Saturday mornings. But did you know that Cafe Mule coffee directly benefits the preservation of those very trails?


For every bag of coffee sold, Café Mulé donates 25¢ to Ridge to Ridge to Rivers. So when owner Matty Bishop approached us about getting his coffee on the shelves at our stores, we wanted to help make the impact even larger. We agreed to donate 50¢ for every bag of Cafe Mule coffee sold at the Co-op, . In the first three months of this partnership, we are excited to donate $274 to Ridge to Rivers. With Café Mulé’s contribution, that makes over $400 donated just for coffee sold at the Co-op!

So the next time you’re sipping on a hot cup of joe in the morning, you can feel extra warm knowing you’re helping preserve one of the Treasure Valley’s most valued resources. We can all raise a mug to that!