Cookin' with Kids

Cookin' with Kids!

Since we started our class program after the opening of our Village store in November, we've reached more than 280 people with more than 30 awesome classes. One of the best parts of this education program is the great feedback we get from the attendees like you! Well, you've been asking for kids cooking classes, so we are really excited to announce that we have 3 great classes lined up for August! 

Cooking classes are a great way to introduce kids to kitchen fundamentals--who know, they might take over a weeknight meal. Plus, lots of studies show that kids who are involved with food prep are more likely to try new and unusual foods. And it's fun!

Take a look at some of the great classes that we have on offer, and bring your favorite aspiring young chefs!

Beat the Heat with Homemade Popsicles on Wednesday, August 3rd

Cheesy Lasagna Rolls on Thursday, August 11th

Gummies and Other Yummy After School Treats on Wednesday, August 17th