Million Meals in March Kickoff

Thank You Boise Co-op Shoppers for Helping with
The Million Meals in March Kickoff!

First Fridays at The Boise Co-op is always a hustling and bustling day for us. Each and every month, The Boise Co-op hosting a First Friday event! Shoppers join us for our biggest monthly store-wide sale! During this monthly event you’ll enjoy live local music, wine, beer and delicious tastings from our local vendors.

The Boise Co-op in the North End helped kick off the Million Meals in March campaign. Donations of food and funds is always highest in the months of November and December. Unfortunately, the risk of hunger and food insecurity is not limited to the holidays. The Foodbank works with more than 400 community partners to raise awareness of the ongoing battle with hunger. For every dollar donated, The Idaho Foodbank produces five meals for hungry Idahoans. On March 2nd, the Co-ops’ North End shoppers helped make a difference. The Boise Co-op donated 3% of sales to The  Idaho Food Bank raising  $2,215. On behalf of the Idaho families The Idaho Foodbank serves, the donation will provide 11,075 meals.

On behalf of The Boise Co-op and The Idahofood Bank we want to thank everyone for choosing to shop this First Friday! Without our customers, we wouldn’t be able to make our contributions.

Learn more about the great work the Idaho Food Bank is doing at their website.

March Cheese of the Month

Save 20% ALL March Long on This Cheese!


Marieke® Gouda Honey Clover: Award-winning cheesemaker, Marieke Penterman, celebrates her Dutch heritage with this exclusive collection of flavored Goudas. She and her team handcraft each wheel using herbs and seeds gathered in the Netherlands. Premium, raw, cow’s milk from her family farm provides each wheel of cheese with the exceptional flavor and texture you’ve grown to expect from Holland’s Family Cheese. Sweet yet earthy with notes of fresh grass.

Pairs With:

Apples and Walnuts. Riesling or Hard Cider.

Content thanks to Marieke

Co+op Forest Carbon Offset Program Slows Climate Change

By: Co+op, stronger together

Paddle up the Huayabamba River in northern Peru, and amidst the roar of breathtaking waterfalls and chatter of tropical songbirds, you’ll come across the Co+op Forest. This lush, mountainous landscape is thought to be one of the most bio diverse regions in the world, home to over 160 mammal species, more than 300 bird species and hundreds of butterfly, amphibian, reptile and plant species as well.
It is paradise, but sadly much of this region is recovering from decades of deforestation, while its remaining old growth forest remains at risk for petroleum development. But thanks to intervention by concerned cooperative businesses, this region continues to play a meaningful role in slowing climate change.

Food co-ops seek to tangibly slow down the rate of climate change


Since 2012, the Co+op Forest has been thriving under the stewardship of a carbon offset program funded by National Co+op Grocers (NCG), the organization behind this website, in partnership with PUR Projet. NCG believes that environmentally responsible businesses like food co-ops have an important leadership role in addressing climate change.
The idea behind this unique carbon offset program is simple: NCG calculates their annual carbon emissions (from business travel, utilities, etc.), then funds the planting or protection of a corresponding number of trees to absorb (offset) that carbon. When trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas—from the atmosphere, it effectively slows the rate of climate change.

Slowing climate change through rainforest reforestation & conservation projects

Co+op Forest includes both reforestation and conservation projects. Reforestation projects, in which farmers plant native tree seedlings, are important because as these trees grow they are absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing some of the carbon in their trunks. Planting native trees in tropical areas is especially beneficial because tropical trees reach maturity quickly, allowing them to store more carbon over their lifetimes.
Conservation projects protect old-growth trees from being clear-cut for timber, or burned to make way for crops or other development. Protecting these trees is critical because their massive trunks are made up of tons of tiny carbon atoms; every carbon atom that remains locked up in a tree is one less carbon atom that will otherwise contribute to climate change.

Co+op Forest supports fair trade farmer cooperatives, improves quality of life

Co+op Forest is also unique because it is grown in a way that respects the surrounding Peruvian community, ensuring that they benefit from the project, too. Drawing on the rich South American tradition of embracing the cooperative model, NCG partners with fair trade, organic farmer cooperatives to plant and maintain native trees in Co+op Forest. The cooperatives offer training to farmers in sustainable agroforestry because protecting the native forest around their farms produces higher quality fruits and reduces erosion, improving water quality for the entire community. Additionally, Co+op Forest trees that farmers plant on their own land will eventually provide them with much-needed retirement income from sustainably harvested FSC-certified timber.


February Cheese of the Month

Save 20% all February Long on This Cheese

cotm web header.jpg

Inspired by Italy and made in Holland, Paradiso Vintage is bold and sharp with mouthwatering flavor. Tangy like a Parm yet buttery like Beemster, its smooth, firm texture is perfect for grating and melting atop sandwiches and pastas.

Food Pairings


Drink Pairings

Red wine.

Content thanks to Beemster.

Wine and Chocolate Event 2018

Saturday, February 10th 1-5 pm

Nothing says "I love you" quite like wine and chocolate! We are celebrating with a free tasting on Saturday, February 10th at both grocery stores. Visit either location and discover a new favorite. From 1:00 to 5:00 pm we'll have samples available of wine, chocolate, and other tasty treats. This is a great chance to discover a unique Valentine's gift or just to nosh on some sweets.

January Cheese of the Month

Save 20% all January Long on This Cheese


The Vermeer is naturally matured for 22 weeks. This award winning, full flavored Dutch cheese has a delicate, fruity taste. As well as its delightful flavor, Vermeer contains less fat and less salt than classic Gouda cheese. It makes a delightful ingredient for salads and an essential cheeseboard staple.


Content thanks to A Dutch Masterpiece.

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2017 Annual Report

Every fall, we spend some time looking back on the past year, and all the things we've accomplished. Some of this involves running sales numbers for local products, while some is just reviewing new programs and events that we implemented. It's quite a fun process, and we can't help but feel a little proud of all the awesome things we've been up to. 

We take all this info and wrap it into a neat little package that we call our Annual Report. Please click the button below and take some time to check it out. 

November Cheese of the Month

Save 20% all November Long on this Cheese!

Etivaz APC is a hard cheese made from raw milk. It is produced by hand over an open fire from May to October in just over a hundred Alpine dairies in the Vaud canton Alps according to a traditional recipe. The raw milk is treated directly in the dairy and is full of aromas of fine Alpine herbs. 

Etivaz AOP has a characteristic aromatic/fruity taste with slight hints of nuts that can vary slightly from Alp to Alp depending on the food given to the cows. Its dough is ivory to light yellow in color, and the round cheese weighs between 15 and 35 kilograms. Etivaz AOP matures for 5 to 13 months and keeps very well. It is only produced in small quantities, from 400 to 430 tons, i.e. 17’000 to 19’000 cheeses, during the summer months.



Content thanks to Cheeses from Switzerland