Cackleberry Farms

If you’ve purchased local greens at the Boise Co-op, you’ve probably noticed the stand-out labels from Cackleberry Farms proclaiming their food “A Fresher Way to Eat.” Like many of our local growers, Cackleberry delivers produce the same day it is harvested—it doesn’t get any fresher than that! Cackleberry Farms might be a relatively new farm on a small plot of land, but they are managing to grow thousands of pounds of high-quality organic salad greens for hungry Co-op shoppers. Rick and Debbie got their start in 2015, and have been selling to the Co-op since.

In addition to selling eggs, salad greens, and other vegetables to the Co-op, Rick and Debbie also raise other animals for their own consumption. And their pet George the Guard Goose might be our favorite animal out there. They acquired George after hearing that geese are the best guard animals for chickens. He followed us around for most of the visit—he’s quite the social creature! Check out his photo above.

We also have a unique composting partnership with them—our Village Deli sets aside all their vegetable scraps from food prep. When Cackleberry comes by to drop off an order, they pick up the bins of vegetable scraps, then in turn feed them to their chickens. These chickens produce eggs, which end up on the shelves of the Co-op. It’s the food cycle in full circle!

Cackleberry Farms Snapshot:

  • Selling to the Co-op since 2015

  • They became certified organic when they started selling to the Boise Co-op

  • Raise 200 chickens for egg production

  • Grow one one acre that they own, and lease an additional acre from a neighbor