Boise Co-op is a human-powered outfit, which is why we are so psyched to welcome both members and nonmembers. If you become a member, you also become a Co-Owner. Check out some of the benefits of Co-ownership below.


Become A C0-Owner!

Your $50 investment combined with a one-time $15 administrative fee represents an equity share in the Boise Co-op. By joining, you're providing support to the local food system. This includes Idaho farmers, ranchers and small businesses. Your financial support helps locally owned businesses thrive, which in turn builds a stronger local economy. More dollars stay in Idaho. You also help provide funding and food donations to local nonprofits and outreach programs that focus on improving lives in our community. Because of you, we're able to provide more than 150 jobs with a livable wage and benefits to people in our community. 

You can sign up for a co-ownership at the Customer Service Desk in the store or by clicking the button below:

Now let's talk about what you get!

  • Fresh, high-quality foods and specialty products from local vendors that live right here in Idaho and the surrounding region. It's good to know where your food is coming from.
  • An annual patronage dividend, monthly 10% discount, special co-owner sales and access to events.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are creating a healthier community that supports individuals in need.
  • Discounts on goods and services from local businesses that are part of our Local Co-Operators program.

  • A friendly and knowledgeable crew ready to help you make informed purchases that meet your needs.

Annual Report

Boise Co-op works hard to build and strengthen the relationship between our co-owners, shoppers and local producers. Download our latest annual report to learn more.

Board of Directors

The Boise Co-op Board of Directors is composed of local community leaders who are elected to help shape the Co-op’s future. Would you like to learn more about the board?