Change 4 Change

The Boise Co-op is dedicated to giving back to our community. Our Change 4 Change Program is a way for Co-owners and shoppers to participate in that commitment with us. When customers bring in their own shopping bags, they can either earn 10¢ off their bill or choose to donate those two nickels to two of three pre-selected recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. Recipients are chosen on a quarterly basis.

The following criteria is used to guide our selections:

•    Healthy food access programs
•    Sustainable agriculture and organic food producers
•    Education in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness
•    Cooperative, community-based businesses
•    Non-profit entities that reflect Boise Co-op’s cooperative principles

Interested organizations can apply here: 


This Quarter's Recipients


The Cabin Literary Center

(Donate at the North End)

The Cabin’s mission is to inspire and celebrate a love of reading, writing, and discourse. The Cabin serves Idaho readers and writers of all ages through exciting and inspiring literary programs. Now in its twenty-first year, The Cabin is an anchor of literary arts in Idaho.

Advocates for the West

(Donate at the North End)

Out in the real world, many advocates for the West exist. They are hikers. Birdwatchers. Natives. Outsiders. Scientists. Boaters. Backpackers. They are nonprofit organizations and grassroots conservation groups. They are everyone who loves it out here—for all the many reasons why.

We are the voice for the future of the West’s public lands, waterways, and wildlife. We are the trustees of our collective breathing room. This is a joint concern. We are in this together.

When the environment needs a rock solid lawyer, think Advocates for the West. We are a nonprofit organization offering pro bono legal services to conservation groups and concerned individuals working to defend the public spaces we love. 

Agency for New Americans

(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

Agency for New Americans (ANA) is a private, non-profit refugee resettlement agency operating in Boise, Idaho for over
20 years. We offer integrated services including; health and medical referrals, case management services, employments services,women and youth classes immigration services, interim financial assistance, translation services, social and cultural orientation services and special classes and training for self-sufficiency.


(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

AquAbility therapeutic aquatic programs are available for infants to adults who are challenged by a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to: paralysis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, visual or auditory impairment, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, amputation, spinal cord injury, brain injury, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, autism, and developmental disabilities. AquAbility strives to provide all people with disabilities access to our programs.  Contact us for scholarship inquiries.
The goals of AquAbility are to foster physical and cognitive benefits, raise self-esteem, promote lifetime fitness, encourage and cultivate positive social interaction, improve quality of life, and to allow for independence.
AquAbility also offers opportunities for competition, specialized clinics, and open water swimming outings and other events for participants.

Last Quarter's Results

North End

Idaho Farm Sanctuary $1,491.75
Artisans for Hope $923.25
Co-op Community Fund $733.20


Idaho Youth Ranch $404.70
Homedale Farmer's Market $304.00
Purple Sage Farms $1,653.90

*Combined total from both stores

40,741 bags saved
$4,074.15 donated to 5 organizations!

Last Years Totals

98,921 bags saved
$5,795.74 donated to 13 organizations!

Thank you all for helping to make our community a better place!