Change 4 Change

The Boise Co-op is dedicated to giving back to our community. Our Change 4 Change Program is a way for Co-owners and shoppers to participate in that commitment with us. When customers bring in their own shopping bags, they can either earn 10¢ off their bill or choose to donate those two nickels to two of three pre-selected recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. Recipients are chosen on a quarterly basis.

The following criteria is used to guide our selections:

•    Healthy food access programs
•    Sustainable agriculture and organic food producers
•    Education in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness
•    Cooperative, community-based businesses
•    Non-profit entities that reflect Boise Co-op’s cooperative principles

Interested organizations can apply here: 


This Quarter's Recipients


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho

(Donate at the North End)

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho (BBBS) is to provide children with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.    We carry out our mission by providing children (aka: Little) with a volunteer adult mentor (aka: Big) who serves as a consistent presence in the Little’s life. The Big is there to engage in activities together, to laugh, to talk about challenges the Little might be facing, to be their cheerleader and champion, and to be present as a consistent positive role model. To learn more visit our website at:

Zero Waste Institute

(Donate at the North End)

Reduce. Reuse. Rethink.©
At the Zero Waste Boise Institute, the last thing we want to talk about is … trash.
While we strongly believe in recycling, it’s not the first thing we’d like to talk about, either.
That’s because we’d prefer to rethink waste, altogether.
Rather than talking about how to bin, bag, or bury our ever-mounting discards, what we’d really like to talk about is: preventing trash at its source. In other words – reducing the amount of stuff we use in the first place, and re-using and re-circulating what we already have.

Idaho Farm Animal Sanctuary

(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

Animal rescue and sanctuary, done differently. Compassion and respect guide each choice we make...for the animals, the environment, and our health. Mindful and intentional living through organic and all natural gardening, farming, and animal care. Educating, encouraging, and inspiring humans to also become advocates for all animals and our planet.  

Camp Rainbow Gold

(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

Our Mission
To provide emotionally empowering experiences to Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer and their families.
Our Values
It’s all about the children.
Love. Hope. Fun.

Last Quarter's Results

North End

Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition $1,477.30
Children’s Museum of Idaho $866.00


Idaho Conservation League $342.75
Meridian Canine Rescue $613.80 

Co-op Community Fund (both stores) $342.75

44,515 bags saved
$4,451.50 donated to 6 organizations!

Last Years Totals

189,827 bags saved
$16,916 donated to 18 organizations!

Thank you all for helping to make our community a better place!