Change 4 Change

The Boise Co-op is dedicated to giving back to our community. Our Change 4 Change Program is a way for Co-owners and shoppers to participate in that commitment with us. When customers bring in their own shopping bags, they can either earn 10¢ off their bill or choose to donate those two nickels to two of three pre-selected recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. Recipients are chosen on a quarterly basis.

The following criteria is used to guide our selections:

•    Healthy food access programs
•    Sustainable agriculture and organic food producers
•    Education in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness
•    Cooperative, community-based businesses
•    Non-profit entities that reflect Boise Co-op’s cooperative principles

Interested organizations can apply here: 


This Quarter's Recipients



(Donate at the North End)

Welcome to Simply Cats, Boise Idaho’s no-kill, cage-less, feline adoption center.  Cats and kittens rescued from all walks of life are free to socialize together; free to climb, jump, play, and purr to their hearts content while they await their forever homes.  Most rooms come equipped with outdoor “catios” to watch birds, feel a fresh breeze or simply sleep in the sun. We welcome the public to drop in and visit any time we’re open; whether you’re looking to adopt, or just want to spend some time snuggling!  Visit our website at

River Discovery

(Donate at the North End)

River Discovery offers outdoor adventures for cancer survivors that promote healing and strengthening of the mind, body and spirit. River Discovery Board of Directors, volunteers and supporters work year round to create, build, and fund life changing outdoor adventures for cancer survivors and the people who love them.  Programs are created to inspire, empower, and heal survivors of all ages and with any diagnosis.  Visit our website at

Dustin's Paw of Idaho

(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

Providing canine/child interactive activities that captivate and entice special needs children to accomplish their learning and therapy goals. A spoonful of dog helps the medicine go down!  Visit us at

Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force

(Donate at the Village in Meridian)

The vision of the Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force is that in a state as abundant as Idaho, hunger will not exist. Our mission is to put private and public resources into action statewide in order to eliminate hunger and provide food security for all Idahoans. All proceeds will go to our Food is Medicine Program.  The Food Is Medicine Program is a partnership between The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force and the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho aimed at addressing the needs of food insecure individuals and families in Idaho.  Visit us at

Last Quarter's Results

North End

River Discovery $977.80
Simply Cats $1044.75


Dustin’s Paw $537.35
Idaho Hunger Relief Taskforce $613.80 

Co-op Community Fund (both stores) $782.80

39,565 bags saved
$3,956.50 donated to 6 organizations!

Last Years Totals

189,827 bags saved
$16,916 donated to 18 organizations!

Thank you all for helping to make our community a better place!