2018 Election

This year's election features the election of candidates as well as proposed bylaws changes. Candidate bios are below. 

Candidate Overview

There are 4 open seats on the Board of Directors. Three seats are for three-year terms and one seat is for a two-year term.

  • 2018-2021 (3 available seats)
  • 2018-2020 (1 available seat)

Voters may select up to 4 candidates. The voting period for our annual Board of Directors runs from Friday, August 17th through Monday, September 10th. We will post more details about voting, as well as a link to the online ballot once the election is open.

*Unless otherwise agreed among the candidates, candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be given the longest available terms (see Bylaws Section 4.3)


2018 Board candidates

Read the bios of all 5 candidates below!

  " Natural, Local, Cooperative, Honest ." 

"Natural, Local, Cooperative, Honest." 

Divit Cardoza

Artist, Musician, Chef and Wine Guru Divit Cardoza has lived in Boise Idaho since 1971, and has been involved with the Boise Co-op since its inception. As a founding member on Broadway Avenue, and following the arc of the Co-op to its current two store success, Divit has been involved at every location. On 13th street he worked produce, bulk, HABA and cashiering. It was there in 1979 that he originally suggested a beer and wine department for the store. In 1984 that idea became a reality at the Hill Road location and Divit took charge of the wine department, seeing unprecedented growth for decades. This continued to the current location on Fort Street and the separation of the wine department in 2007. Divit retired from the Wine Shop at the end of 2017.

 “ I am very proud of all of the growth and effect on the local community the Co-op has had over the past 45 years and I am looking forward to watching it grow for the future. Creating a vital, exciting and locally driven shopping experience that is a destination in the Treasure Valley is my focus. If I can foster this through the Board of Directors, that would be my goal.”

  "Restaurateur, Chef, Local farm supporter, Business developer, Gardener, Idaho wine lover. "

"Restaurateur, Chef, Local farm supporter, Business developer, Gardener, Idaho wine lover."

Jay Henry

I grew up on a small, family run farm in Wisconsin.  It was there that I learned that the way we care for the land, animals and our neighbors directly affects our community and throughout my time in different places I have tried to be a part of organizations that shared these same values. When my wife Krista and I moved to Boise in 2006 and found the Co-op right in our neighborhood we were so happy to have a place that was committed to connecting consumers and farmers that becoming a member was the easiest decision we ever had to make.  Being a part of and supporting an organization that shares our passion for creating strong relationships with local farmers and producers and watching those relationships evolve and grow has been very gratifying. 

I’ve been a hospitality professional for nearly 30 years and have developed and opened many different styles of restaurants and being connected to local purveyors played a huge role in the success of these places.  My connection to the Boise community was strengthened during my time as one of the founders of the restaurant State & Lemp where we were deeply focused on highlighting the food, wine and beer grown and produced in Idaho.

  "Local food enthusiast. Boise Co-op advocate. Creator of healthy communities.  ."

"Local food enthusiast. Boise Co-op advocate. Creator of healthy communities.."

Shannon McGuire

Over the last seven years, Shannon has held a variety of roles within the Boise Co-op; Co-Owner, consultant, former employee, and currently serving as President of the Board. She is an activated advocate that supports the co-op’s values and principles. As a locally recognized leader in community health, she brings a diverse view and experience to the challenges surrounding food systems. 

Shannon has a strong passion for food because of its dramatic effects on our social, environmental, economic and human development. Whether it’s urban farms, childhood obesity, food cooperatives, plant-based eating, or building food education and empowerment destinations, Shannon is working to bring food to the forefront of the conversation.

Shannon’s motivation for continuing on the Board of Directors is to help support and grow Boise Co-op’s position as a community leader in local food system development in the Treasure Valley.

 "Spirited and Committed Co-op Member  "

"Spirited and Committed Co-op Member  "

Charles Raymond

Charles is a long time Boise resident and a Boise High School graduate with deep roots in the community. In 1975, when the Co-op was located in Hyde Park, he volunteered forty hours a week for six months before becoming the Co-op’s second full time employee. As a Co-Manager of the Co-op he championed and developed the innovative and organic product selection that has become the standard today. In the early eighties he served on the Co-op Board, both as Vice-President and then President. This was when the store was located on Hill Road. From 2015 through 2017 he served as the Co-op Board Administrative Assistant. During that time he attended the Consumer Cooperative Management Association’s yearly event and returned with the desire to create better communication between the Board, employees, and the Membership.

As someone who frequents the North End Store, he is recognized by most of the employees. This is because he engages them and recognizes that they are the most important asset of the Co-op.

“It gives me great gratification to look back at the 43 years I have been involved with the Co-op and know the pivotal part I have played in its development. I am running for the Board of Directors position to promote better communications from the Board of Directors, and to broaden the Co-op’s unique structure to further benefit both the members and employees.”


"Small business owner, customer service professional, catalyst and a communicator."

Tana Ruud

I’ve been a member of the Co-op since 2013, and have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors in 2017 and currently since April. I’ve truly enjoyed making connections with the employees and members, and supporting a cooperative that, in turn, supports the quality of life offered in the Treasure Valley. Having been raised by farmers, ranchers, and a father who was president of his city’s community garden, the Co-op has a sense of home to me and I relate to their vision of a health-conscious lifestyle. Being a marketing professional, owning my own small business for the last 15 years, and my experience in a large retail company, has helped me understand our community, the importance of local and customer relationships, plus how to thrive with change. I’m passionate about being a catalyst in connecting people for a cause I care about, and the preservation of our farmlands.